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Dental Cleaning Special

Don’t wait for Dental Month to take care of your pet’s teeth!

It is much harder for your pet to pick up it’s food if the front teeth are missing and it is much harder to chew food if several of the premolars and molars are loose, infected or missing. Dental disease is the most common medical abnormality that affects dogs and cats. Many dogs and cats start developing periodontal disease (the loss of tooth root supporting structures) by 4 years of age. It is recommended to slow the progression of periodontal disease to clean the gingival sulcus (space around each tooth) using special instruments that can only be used when your pet is anesthetized.  Your pet doesn’t have to have visible tartar to have periodontal disease.

We believe what is best for your pet’s comfort and quality of life and the best way to avoid tooth loss is to schedule an anesthetic prophy at least once a year beginning at 4 years of age for all cats and dogs. The costs for dentistry start at $232.00 for a small dog, and $255.00 for a cat. A dentistry visit includes cleaning all tartar off of the crown (visible portion) of the teeth and cleaning in the sub-gingival spaces around each tooth; anesthesia; evaluation of all of the teeth by a veterinarian; polishing the teeth; rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash; 4 anesthetic monitoring devices; equipment to keep you pet warm; fluid therapy; and antibiotics. Costs for tooth extractions, pain medicine, and dental X-rays are not included in the dental prophy cost.

Let’s save those pearly whites!