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Parasite Control and Heartworm Awareness Month

Simparica Flea Medicine for Dogs
-Is the most effective flea and tick control medication available for dogs.
-Virtually eliminates all fleas and ticks on your pet within 8 hours.
-Controls nearly 100% of fleas and ticks for 30 days after an oral dose.

During the month of April, you receive 1 free dose if you purchase a 6-dose package of Simparica.  If you enroll in Zoetis Rewards Program, you get the equivalent of an additional dose for free ($15 value).

Canine Heartworm Disease is caused by large worms that live in the heart of a dog.  Mosquitos spread heartworms when they remove microfilaria larvae in the blood from an infected dog and bite a non-infected dog.  Due to the constant influx of dogs and people coming into San Diego County, we have a rising incidence of heartworm disease. We believe that Proheart is the best way to prevent heartworm infections; an injection of Proheart 6 medicine will prevent  heartworm infections for 6 months.

During the month of April, we are offering a 50% discount on heartworm tests and a 10% discount on Proheart 6 injections for your dog.

There are 6 intestinal parasites that can be present in dogs and 4 intestinal parasites that can infest cats in our area.  Not all parasites cause diarrhea or make your pet lose weight. Only 2 intestinal parasites are visible to the eye. Unfortunately there is no single deworming medicine that will kill all intestinal parasites.  If you submit a freshly collected fecal sample, we can check for all of the intestinal parasites that might be present in your pet.

*This special will be offered through the month of May.