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5% discount for military personnel/family members

for veterinary services, exams, vaccines, lab tests, Rx's, medical diets and products.

Thank you for your service!

*Must present valid military ID.

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Zoetis Rewards Flea Special:

Get $10 back when you purchase 6 doses of flea medicine for your dog or cat

Get $30 back when you purchase 12 doses of flea medicine for your dog or cat


Is your pet itchy?

Many pets experience itchiness either at certain times of the year or year-round. 

Flea infestations used to be the most common cause of itchy skin but, fortunately,

the prescription flea medicines available now are much more effective than the flea

products available 20 years ago.  Seasonal allergies can be diagnosed by testing for

40 different allergens including pollens, dust mites, insects & molds.  A fairly new

treatment to reduce itchiness from seasonal allergies is an injectable therapy, not

drug, called Cytopoint, which binds the proteins released from allergy cells before

they bind to receptors that cause your pet to be itchy.  There are no accurate tests

to determine if your pet has a food allergy.  Food allergies can be resolved by

feeding your pet an exclusive diet with hydrolyzed proteins, where all of the proteins

in the diet are reduced to a much smaller molecular weight which prevents the

allergic reaction.

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