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One in five adult dogs and the majority of senior dogs and cats have a moderate degree of arthritis in one or more joints.  Most pets with  arthritis don't limp.  Arthritis is a silent but  painful disease.  Pets experience discomfort much more than their owners recognize, whether it is due to glaucoma, dental disease, a bite wound, a bladder infection, a bladder stone, pancreatitis, the pain of an enlarging tumor, colitis, or the pain associated with arthritis. 

Signs of arthritis are varied and may include:

  • difficulty with stairs or jumping up onto furniture or into the car;
  • stiffness when getting up;
  • lagging behind on walks;
  • preferring to sit or lie down rather than stand on all 4 legs;
  • trembling or panting;
  • being less muscular on the affected leg(s).


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