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The best Wellness Plan that you can purchase for your pet is a really good pet insurance policy because it helps pay for emergencies, surgeries, dental treatments, specialists, and most of your pets medical needs.  Below is an pet insurance company that we recommend.



Most people wish they had pet insurance when their pet develops a medical or surgical problem that they haven’t budgeted for. Emergency clinics are expensive and can lead to financially compromising charges. When your pet has pet insurance, diagnostic tests, treatments and hospitalization of your pet doesn’t need to be restricted because of the costs.

  • The Complete Coverage Health Insurance Plans offered by ASPCA helps pay for emergencies, doctor exams, and a variety of medical and surgical conditions. Your pet will be covered for Accidents (such as poisonings, lacerations, bite wounds, heat stroke, foreign bodies, bone fractures, burns, bee stings and motor vehicle accidents) and illnesses including prescription medications, diagnostic procedures, laboratory tests, surgery, hospitalization, X-rays, CT scans and ultrasound studies. For instance, in 2024, you would pay about $47.00/month for an 8-year-old cat with a Complete Coverage Health Insurance plan with a $250 annual deductible, a $5000 annual limit and your veterinary costs would be reimbursed 90% of what you paid to the vet hospital. For a 4-year-old Labrador dog with the same coverage, you would pay about $67.00/mo.
  • There is also a way to pay for most of the costs of the annual wellness exam, vaccines, blood tests, fecal parasite test, deworming, urinalysis, flea medication and allows a $150 budget for teeth cleaning when you purchase the Prime Preventive Care Plan. (Extractions are considered a disease so they are covered under your pet’s Insurance Plan.) There is an annual benefit of $500/year for the Prime Preventive Care Plan. It only costs around $25/month and has no deductible but, you must also have an ASPCA Complete Coverage Insurance Plan. Corporate Vet Hospital Wellness Plans are much more expensive than Prime Preventive Care and they have many exclusions including diagnostics, surgeries and medications when your pet becomes ill or injured and they don’t cover your pet’s expenses at an emergency clinic, for a specialist or in many out-of-town locations.
  • Reimbursement of your veterinary costs through ASPCA Insurance is easy. Submit a 1-page simple Claim Form along with taking a photo of your pet’s hospital receipt and send it by email, text, fax, or mail. The average Claim is reimbursed to you in 10-14 days.
  • We feel that ASPCA offers the best insurance plans because they are affordable, cover a wide range of medical conditions and:
  1. Reimbursement for the Complete Coverage plans is based on your plan choice of the percentage of reimbursement (70%, 80%, or 90%), not by a benefit schedule of an allowance for a given medical condition.
  2. Veterinary exams are not excluded from being reimbursed.
  3. There is an annual deductible that you select ($100, $250, or $500). You do not pay a deductible for every claim/incident.
  4. Each additional ASPCA insurance plan after the first one for another one of your pets is offered at a 10% discount.
  5. Most pet insurance companies don’t offer new pet insurance plans for pets over 8 years old. ASPCA offers new insurance plans for dogs age 12 and under and for cats age 14 and younger.
  6. The Complete Coverage plans cover prescription medical diets, hereditary conditions, alternative therapy (such as acupuncture and cold laser therapy) and behavior issues.
  7. ASPCA Health Insurance Plans covers your pet’s medical care at any time, everywhere in the U. S. and Canada.

Please call (866) 230-4749 or visit WeCoverThat.com/save10 for a Quote that is not only affordable, but will help your pet live a long, healthy life with the best veterinary care possible.

Click the following link to go to the ASPCA website:  https://www.aspcapetinsurance.com/